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13.10.2010, 10:53
Für die die es noch nicht gesehen haben....

Es ist sehr wahrscheinlich das sie das gleiche auch für Europa aufbauen werden...
New focus for Cervélo consumer sales .Cervélo & TestTeam News
New focus for Cervélo consumer sales
October 09, 2010 - Filed under: CompanyComments (32)..Cervélo bikes are a technical product, and we believe that personal service is paramount to ensure our customers purchase the right product. This includes personal advice, test rides, fitting and after-sales service. Starting with the 2011 model year, Cervélo will take this commitment to customer satisfaction to a whole new level.
For starters, Cervélo is investing heavily in more customer service staff and in their continuous training. We want our staff to be able to give fast and accurate information on any topic. And for the very technical issues, they can always rely on our engineers who are sitting right next to them.
The second step is the Cervélo website, which will allow our customers in North America to choose and order their Cervélo of choice right there starting early 2011. This bike will then be delivered through your Cervélo retailers of choice. Outside of North America, options specific to each country will be rolled out.
Why through the Cervélo retailer? Because serious test rides and good fitting advice probably have the biggest effect on customer satisfaction, so the bike shop is extremely important in this regard. Cervélo was one of the first bike companies to introduce Brainbike retailer training meetings, and in 2011 Brainbike will once again be bigger and better. So whether you have ordered your Cervélo at cervelo.com or directly at the store, the Cervélo retailers are ready to help you get the most out of it.
This means that in 2011, you will have two ways to order your Cervélo in North America: in your local Cervélo store or at cervelo.com, but not at individual online retailers. For orders placed online, the local retailer will then arrange the delivery with you, usually directly out of their stock. Delivery options will include in-store pick up and home delivery. This gives the consumer the best of both worlds; the convenience of ordering online along with local service and support whenever you need it.
Consumers may still be able to buy some 2010 models with full warranty from our online dealers who have some 2010 product in stock.