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Daddy yo yo
08.11.2006, 10:37
"DT Swiss acquires fork division of Pace Cycles

In other business news, DT Swiss has recently acquired the suspension and rigid fork division of Pace Cycles Ltd. DT Swiss anticipates that the line will be fully integrated into its suspension range within 6-12 months, during which Pace will continue to manufacture its forks in the UK. Current Pace owner Adrian Carter will also serve as a technical consultant to DT Swiss during this period and for future developments.

Production will eventually be transferred to the DT Swiss factory in Switzerland, at which point Pace will become the exclusive UK distributor for the DT Swiss suspension range, in addition to providing continuing support for the Pace suspension brand" (Quelle: www.cyclingnews.com (http://www.cyclingnews.com/tech.php?id=tech/2006/news/11-08)).

08.11.2006, 11:05
Gääähn - stand gestern schon bei Light-Bikes.de


;) :)

Daddy yo yo
08.11.2006, 13:48
Gääähn - stand gestern schon bei Light-Bikes.de:eek: um himmels willen, das ist mir jetzt aber schon peinlich! :sorry: :sad2: :kneel: :hidesbehi

08.11.2006, 15:06
Ähm...Tschuldigung...wen interessiert das? :confused:

08.11.2006, 15:08
Ähm...Tschuldigung...wen interessiert das? :confused:


08.11.2006, 15:36
mich auch.

08.11.2006, 16:20
mich auch.

Ein bisschen mehr Konkurrenz im Federgabelgeschäft tut allen gut. Vor allem Fox.

08.11.2006, 16:21
:eek: um himmels willen, das ist mir jetzt aber schon peinlich! :sorry: :sad2: :kneel: :hidesbehi

genau genommen seit vorgestern :eek: :D