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14.11.2006, 15:19
Schöner Artikel in der New York Times:


14.11.2006, 15:21
Another reason: aging baby boomers with worn-out knees have embraced cycling as a low-impact, aerobically demanding alternative to cartilage-grinding sports like basketball and tennis.


Daddy yo yo
14.11.2006, 15:47
"handmade German wheels at $5,500 a set", was damit wohl bloß gemeint ist!? :rolleyes:

"riders of high-end bikes notice other high-end bikes. Is there wheel envy? “I’m not sure I’d call it that,” he said, adding that it’s more a matter of proud owners comparing the advantages of their bikes’ technology.
Dr. Levine bristled slightly when it was suggested that people like him may be a little, um, obsessed with what is, after all, just a bicycle.
“You do feel a connection with it,” he said. “But I don’t think anyone in our group takes it to a psychotic, unreasonable extent.”
He paused. “But my wife might disagree with that.” fühle mich irgendwie verstanden und ertappt.

14.11.2006, 15:54
"They kind of become like pets,” she said. “Once you have one, you want to get another.”

Kommt mir bekannt vor. :D